Tuesday, December 27, 2011

running for president

you heard right, i Josalin Dawn Reed Child am running for president of this, The Unites States. I will be the YOUNGEST and most WOMANLY president in history. It's just not working out for me guys. I will require mental health hour, in which you must participate in yoga for at least an hour. i will get rid of the money system and people pay in hugs and good deeds. you are required to give at least 1 homeless person a ride home a week. im going to re-work the Military system. everyone will smile. free health insurance for all. friends all around. Natalie Portman and Salena Gomez will be my entourage. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson will be my bodyguard. oh did i say president of the united states? i meant the world.

Friday, December 16, 2011

here's to the nights we felt alive.

Love my dude friends so so so much, nothing quite like a night of cooking disgusting brats over the fire in the middle of the winter

Dancing on the kinect (more fun for me because I

always win)

And drifting.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

working hard, or hardly working

Remember that one time I said I would blog more because of high demand of all my worshipers? Well I'm sorry, I just haven't had anything to complain about besides work... And I can't very well do that when I'm friends with all my wonderful bosses. I guess I could complain about there not being any snow on Christmas but that was even taken away from me this morning when it started snowing. I suppose the only thing left is my ward family. Ughhh. I'm sorry I don't have kids people, but I promise we have to have something else in common. sure you are ten years older than me, but I can be mature sometimes. Sorry I can't take my librarian calling seriously and come 45 minutes before church so that sister so-and-so can save 10 cents on some copies, and stay 20 minutes after to make sure the crayons and kid safe scissors are all accounted for. So sue me, I'm working 6 days a week, is it so awful that I want a day to myself and my husband every once in a while?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Better Late then Never???

according to those few who read my blog, they are very sad i havent updated in... months. Even though i see those few about every other day. So they already know that me and Jay got a BEAUTIFUL new TV for our bedroom for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas i cannot wait for it! there is nothing better then spending time with family and giving gifts. Thats right you heard me, i said GIVING. sure i love getting things too, but there is nothing more rewarding buying someone a gift that you know they are absolutely going to love! Lets not forget thanksgiving though, there is not a better combination than food and family and a day off work. Unfortunately after that one delicious day comes weeks of hell, till christmas. Gotta love working at a retail store during the holidays. Thats all for now, i promise ill be more excited and update more, lately there just hasnt been anything but work.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


ok above are pictures of pillows i purchased today. i need a couple of plain colored ones. who has any suggestions?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

girls only!

to start off i would just like to tell you the topic of this post. Menstruation. so now that you know boys you can go on ahead and keep surfing on to a different page because i know how immature each and every single one of you are about this. it happens. Birth control, im having a hard time with mine. i thought it would be kudos because its hormone free so i was thinking i was free and clear because now i wont run the risk of getting fat and breaking out and being a psycho. i've heard horror stories and i don't have a spare $600 to just "try" out a birth control. i suck at taking pills, i dont want to stick an implant in my arm, i hate shots. so i thought the suitable thing would be and IUD. I don't have to worry about anything for 10 years, i thought i was going to be living the good life. i was really really wrong, my periods are out of control, i spot for weeks, they are heavier and longer, cramps are unbearable. Now i wont get it taken out until we are ready to bare children because i'm a tough girl but i need suggestions on other birth controls people have had a good experience with. so comments will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

best $50 i have EVER spent.

behold good people, it is my baby

i bought this baby for 50 bones BRAND NEW. thank you Preston Kwok for buying your ex-wife this bike and her never riding it! who wouldnt ride this beauty? ok i woulnt because it is pink. ew. Barbie pink none the less. call me a boy, i am just not a fan of pink. and plus i think a bike like this needs to look straight from the 40's i dont even think hot pink was invented back then. im not knockin you pink girls its just not for me. so i have plans, BIG BIG plans. my weekend project so to speak, which cannot be revealed tilll it is complete!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soothing Saturdays

this is my saturday, from now until the first snow fall of the winter.
today the weather is perfect. no sun beating down on me threatening that if i didnt go inside i would surely wither and die. No controlling rain leaving me wishing and longing. hello to fresh air blowing its way through my home from open windows, good morning pheasant who needs to make that ridiculous yet comforting sound, good night croaking frogs making their way through the swampy creek, thank you night sky for being beautiful and clear enough to see into the secrets of the unknown, god bless my husband for humoring me with relaxing Sunday long board rides or walks around the neighborhood.

this is the view from my backyard people. look and love. i thought i was getting screwed moving from the top of the hill looking down, to the bottom of the hill looking up. but i dare say i like looking out my back door at the snow kissed peak and top of the green tree line, and not at the back of someones house... seeing what they are making for dinner. thank you stubborn Country Boy Dairy owners of these acres and acres of field and green, for refusing to sell to Nilson Homes. i am the end of the line.

today i can honestly say i have said maybe 100 words and i hope to keep this silence till about 7. give my vocal cords a nice rest from endless conversation and pointless argument. i am in silence. i am in bare feet. if it was kosher to not wear shoes i would take full advantage of this, call me crazy but lets be honest, i could care less of walking into a bathroom without shoes, can somebody explain how a bathroom floor is dirtier than my carpet? didn't think so.

on an ending note i love my life, i love the chwokmons, i love distant friends coming to visit

Thursday, April 14, 2011


thats right boys and girls, the house is about 1 year old and the sod is officially laid! i feel complete! we are the only house on the street with grass and we are also the only one's without kids (i swear if i see any kids on my lawn im getting the shotgun!)

the sod

being a creep taking it through the window.

complete! oh.. is grass not supposed to be yellow?

with decorative curbing (trust me there are green stems in there)

and sprinklers

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bikram Yoga

90 minutes and 26 different postures doing yoga in a 105 degree room sounds fun right? no it really doesn't. but what does sound fun is sweating out toxins!! and relieving stress!! and improving your circulation!! and weight loss!! and finding your inner peace, painfully. there is a studio on 25th that does it. who's in?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

slightly smooshy

3 things that make me.. slightly smooshy. the husband of course would object, but who is ever completely satisfied with their body besides the "Situation". which is worse, working out? or eating healthy? EATING HEALTHY!! hands down, no battle. i got the working out part down to a "T" its an art that i have almost perfected. im quite proud of myself really i am, why should i be humble about something i have worked hard on? my mother must have rubbed off on me, there is nothing quite like a morning workout to get your day going. And then Dr. Pepper calls me in for a check-up and i give in! Willy Wonka invites me to see his factory and i go! The wonderful lady/man who invented bread is my hero! WHAT DO I DO? how do i resist the temptation? i start out slowly but surely. Perhaps ill start with the little hard candies that indulge my tastebuds. NO MORE . peace out Willy Wonka, im taking you off my speed dial, you are no longer on my top 8, your pictures are coming down, im getting this tattoo removed, im de-friending you on FB, no more going to Dairy Queen with you, you dirty old man! your ass is grass

Friday, April 1, 2011

The perfect day

From the Ogden temple, to playing with my nephew, to shopping with gay husband and his gay friends! ok ok none of them are gay, but when we are cruisin down the freeway listening to techno in the HOV lane in a brand new Pruis on our way to the mall (mind you all 3 of them are wearing "Sperry type" boat shoes) to go shopping i feel a little like i'm in San Fransisco. i think the best part was when all 4 of us were in the dressing rooms trying clothes on for each other and giving our opinions, i feel just like one of the guys (or should i say they are just like a few of my girls?). either way i can never complain about a day with the Chwokmon's!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The INFAMOUS wednesday's.

comes once a week you know? we share a love/hate relationship, Wednesdays and I. Alone time is key in a relationship and ill respect that till i die. I'm super content with sitting upstairs, computer on my lap, playing sims, watching Michael Jackson's This Is It. There are those times however where the anxiety prone antisocial comes out in me. and that's when I'm completely content with sitting in my room under my covers reading a novel. Love/Hate. Win/Win. just know one thing: even though i let him do whatever he pleases (poker every wednesday, upgrading his 07 WRX for a 07 BMW and much much more) i've got him wrapped around my finger. trust me.

Welcome me into the world of blogging

ok.. well to be honest blogging somewhat feels like Myspace. who has the coolest looking blog? But I'm not hatin, why not express yourself? its fun. so far I'm having a good time. I dont have any talent to give like what to wear, or look at these cute headbands I made (although i did make some jewelry once for my friend Rach and i dont think i did too bad of a job). Nor do I have much time these days to the hobby I love. Blogging is a little bit like a journal.. but an exposed journal, I've always been better at expressing myself through written dialogue anyways.