Wednesday, May 11, 2011

best $50 i have EVER spent.

behold good people, it is my baby

i bought this baby for 50 bones BRAND NEW. thank you Preston Kwok for buying your ex-wife this bike and her never riding it! who wouldnt ride this beauty? ok i woulnt because it is pink. ew. Barbie pink none the less. call me a boy, i am just not a fan of pink. and plus i think a bike like this needs to look straight from the 40's i dont even think hot pink was invented back then. im not knockin you pink girls its just not for me. so i have plans, BIG BIG plans. my weekend project so to speak, which cannot be revealed tilll it is complete!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soothing Saturdays

this is my saturday, from now until the first snow fall of the winter.
today the weather is perfect. no sun beating down on me threatening that if i didnt go inside i would surely wither and die. No controlling rain leaving me wishing and longing. hello to fresh air blowing its way through my home from open windows, good morning pheasant who needs to make that ridiculous yet comforting sound, good night croaking frogs making their way through the swampy creek, thank you night sky for being beautiful and clear enough to see into the secrets of the unknown, god bless my husband for humoring me with relaxing Sunday long board rides or walks around the neighborhood.

this is the view from my backyard people. look and love. i thought i was getting screwed moving from the top of the hill looking down, to the bottom of the hill looking up. but i dare say i like looking out my back door at the snow kissed peak and top of the green tree line, and not at the back of someones house... seeing what they are making for dinner. thank you stubborn Country Boy Dairy owners of these acres and acres of field and green, for refusing to sell to Nilson Homes. i am the end of the line.

today i can honestly say i have said maybe 100 words and i hope to keep this silence till about 7. give my vocal cords a nice rest from endless conversation and pointless argument. i am in silence. i am in bare feet. if it was kosher to not wear shoes i would take full advantage of this, call me crazy but lets be honest, i could care less of walking into a bathroom without shoes, can somebody explain how a bathroom floor is dirtier than my carpet? didn't think so.

on an ending note i love my life, i love the chwokmons, i love distant friends coming to visit