Thursday, April 14, 2011


thats right boys and girls, the house is about 1 year old and the sod is officially laid! i feel complete! we are the only house on the street with grass and we are also the only one's without kids (i swear if i see any kids on my lawn im getting the shotgun!)

the sod

being a creep taking it through the window.

complete! oh.. is grass not supposed to be yellow?

with decorative curbing (trust me there are green stems in there)

and sprinklers

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bikram Yoga

90 minutes and 26 different postures doing yoga in a 105 degree room sounds fun right? no it really doesn't. but what does sound fun is sweating out toxins!! and relieving stress!! and improving your circulation!! and weight loss!! and finding your inner peace, painfully. there is a studio on 25th that does it. who's in?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

slightly smooshy

3 things that make me.. slightly smooshy. the husband of course would object, but who is ever completely satisfied with their body besides the "Situation". which is worse, working out? or eating healthy? EATING HEALTHY!! hands down, no battle. i got the working out part down to a "T" its an art that i have almost perfected. im quite proud of myself really i am, why should i be humble about something i have worked hard on? my mother must have rubbed off on me, there is nothing quite like a morning workout to get your day going. And then Dr. Pepper calls me in for a check-up and i give in! Willy Wonka invites me to see his factory and i go! The wonderful lady/man who invented bread is my hero! WHAT DO I DO? how do i resist the temptation? i start out slowly but surely. Perhaps ill start with the little hard candies that indulge my tastebuds. NO MORE . peace out Willy Wonka, im taking you off my speed dial, you are no longer on my top 8, your pictures are coming down, im getting this tattoo removed, im de-friending you on FB, no more going to Dairy Queen with you, you dirty old man! your ass is grass

Friday, April 1, 2011

The perfect day

From the Ogden temple, to playing with my nephew, to shopping with gay husband and his gay friends! ok ok none of them are gay, but when we are cruisin down the freeway listening to techno in the HOV lane in a brand new Pruis on our way to the mall (mind you all 3 of them are wearing "Sperry type" boat shoes) to go shopping i feel a little like i'm in San Fransisco. i think the best part was when all 4 of us were in the dressing rooms trying clothes on for each other and giving our opinions, i feel just like one of the guys (or should i say they are just like a few of my girls?). either way i can never complain about a day with the Chwokmon's!