Friday, February 28, 2014


We have officially accepted an offer on our house! SIDE NOTE: I've had extreme writers block for a couple of days now, thats why its taking so long to write this and i still have it so please excuse my sporadic writing. 

With the closing date 1 month away (April 1st) I've been having mixed emotions! We were anxious to sell so Jay could start school (something about not wanting to give somebody an 80k loan when they are already in 200k for a house) but now as I sit here and pack my very first box I'm sad. Well sad and excited. Well let's be honest I have no clue what I'm feeling. It's weird and crazy. 


So I wrote that above paragraph yesterday. I got 5 boxes from my kitchen packed. I left all the things we use on a daily/weekly basis. It's amazing how many things 1 family needs, or really doesn't need. I have a huge D.I. Pile. 

Anyways. Things have kind of fallen into place perfectly and surprisingly our "for sale by owner" sign came through. The real miracle is that the buyers also don't have a realtor, which equals more money in everyone's pocket ($7k to be exact) and who doesn't like more money? The most real miracle is that we no longer have to live with my parents (sorry mom ((as if she wanted me anyways)). The buyers are currently living and managing apartments up by the Dee Event center. So naturally when they move out of there and into the house those apartments will need new managers, and that will be us! This really couldn't have worked out any better, even if I planned it myself. I guess that's how you know your on the right path of life eh? Everything just kinda feels like it was meant to be. 

I also couldn't ask for better buyers. When the house was still on the market, and I had multiple interests coming through you just know when you see somebody that they aren't the people for this house DISCLAIMER: that has no relation to race or my judgment of there social standings. However, the minute this awesome pregnant lady knocked on my door (Thursday) commenting on the sign, and asking about the house, I could just feel some good things coming from this. They walked through it the next day, twice, and had an offer to us by Monday. Which was the perfect offer, we didn't even hesitate to accept it! 

And now as I lay here on my bed looking out my window with plantation shutters longingly wishing I could bring them with me, I'm filled with regret. Just kidding. I'm filled with thoughts about what I want in our next house, where I want to go when we get to travel for free, and how many Pinterest projects I now get to try to spruce up my new apartment. Optimism at it's finest, wouldn't you say? 

This is in a corner of our garage. We etched it in right after they poured the cement. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


It's recently come to my attention that some of you out there might find me cynical. My Facebook posts are usually circulated between things I don't like, things that frustrate me, things that I think are stupid, but in my defense I try to be funny about it. 

You may not agree with the things I say, but don't tell me that when you read it it didn't put a smile on your face. Even just a tiny corner-of-the-mouth smile, or maybe a little "ha" slipped from your throat.  And that is why I do it. In hopes that someone will read it and it will bring the tiniest bits of joy to their life because maybe they agree, but maybe they don't but they still think it's funny or maybe they don't think it's funny and they don't think I'm funny and they don't like me but for some reason they haven't removed me from their "friends" yet because the more friends we have, the more popular we are and that's really all social media is about right? Who has the most followers and how can we can get more. 

Whenever I think about Facebook or Instagram or the likes thereof, it makes me quite sick to think how dependent we are on it. I hate myself  for looking at Facebook 472819475 times a day but on the other hand it's a wonderful tool. I would never know in a million years when people from high school have babies or get married, it's fun to share in the joys of other peoples lives, borderline stalkerish, but joyful none the less. It's a love hate relationship I have with Facebook, and from that relationship, it spawned me. 

I don't have a serious bone in my body. Sarcasm is my best quality, it's also my best defense mechanism. So now that you know my background my posts speak for themselves. Facebook is stupid and it's not to be taken seriously. I don't post about my happiest life moments because those are the things I share with those closest to me. I don't post about food or gym time because I don't care for you to know what I eat or when (or when I don't) go to the gym. I really don't even care for you to know that I'm struggling to find a pediatrician or that I think Juan Pablo is a douche. I do care that I have an outlet though, that's what Facebook is for me, an outlet, where I can express the things that are in my head as sassy as possible. If you don't like it, if my negativity brings you down, then please, for the sake of humanity please unfollow me.

 Hey look at that, this blog is also an outlet. 👍