Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The INFAMOUS wednesday's.

comes once a week you know? we share a love/hate relationship, Wednesdays and I. Alone time is key in a relationship and ill respect that till i die. I'm super content with sitting upstairs, computer on my lap, playing sims, watching Michael Jackson's This Is It. There are those times however where the anxiety prone antisocial comes out in me. and that's when I'm completely content with sitting in my room under my covers reading a novel. Love/Hate. Win/Win. just know one thing: even though i let him do whatever he pleases (poker every wednesday, upgrading his 07 WRX for a 07 BMW and much much more) i've got him wrapped around my finger. trust me.

Welcome me into the world of blogging

ok.. well to be honest blogging somewhat feels like Myspace. who has the coolest looking blog? But I'm not hatin, why not express yourself? its fun. so far I'm having a good time. I dont have any talent to give like what to wear, or look at these cute headbands I made (although i did make some jewelry once for my friend Rach and i dont think i did too bad of a job). Nor do I have much time these days to the hobby I love. Blogging is a little bit like a journal.. but an exposed journal, I've always been better at expressing myself through written dialogue anyways.