Friday, April 1, 2011

The perfect day

From the Ogden temple, to playing with my nephew, to shopping with gay husband and his gay friends! ok ok none of them are gay, but when we are cruisin down the freeway listening to techno in the HOV lane in a brand new Pruis on our way to the mall (mind you all 3 of them are wearing "Sperry type" boat shoes) to go shopping i feel a little like i'm in San Fransisco. i think the best part was when all 4 of us were in the dressing rooms trying clothes on for each other and giving our opinions, i feel just like one of the guys (or should i say they are just like a few of my girls?). either way i can never complain about a day with the Chwokmon's!


  1. I want some Sperry's. I look for cool ones every day but I can't decide. Gay husband.. haha. Good you went to the temple, I heard it was the last day before renovations

  2. This blog is the best thing that happened to me all week.