Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Better Late then Never???

according to those few who read my blog, they are very sad i havent updated in... months. Even though i see those few about every other day. So they already know that me and Jay got a BEAUTIFUL new TV for our bedroom for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas i cannot wait for it! there is nothing better then spending time with family and giving gifts. Thats right you heard me, i said GIVING. sure i love getting things too, but there is nothing more rewarding buying someone a gift that you know they are absolutely going to love! Lets not forget thanksgiving though, there is not a better combination than food and family and a day off work. Unfortunately after that one delicious day comes weeks of hell, till christmas. Gotta love working at a retail store during the holidays. Thats all for now, i promise ill be more excited and update more, lately there just hasnt been anything but work.

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