Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My list of "things that must go" (an x96 inspiration)

-smart cars and all alike ( i don't mind if you are environmentally friendly but you dont have to be ugly too. they are not synonymis)
- when people use the words gorge (gorgeous) and totes (totally) you sound stupe (stupid)
- Pinterest (love hate relationship) it gives one the ability to be somebody you totally are not. you cannot afford those clothes. 10 bucks says you aren't that crafty. and im pretty positive no matter how many "6 pack stomachs" you pin its not getting you any closer, that would actually involve going to the gym. (yes that has been boiling up for a while)
- myself pinning those things and then complaining about it.
- rain in the winter
- baby posting... everyday. they look the same no matter what outfit they are in (no im not jealous, im perfectly capable)
- my inability to make cookies
- drivers over 70
- wooden Popsicle sticks
- people who dont blinker
- people who dont use there garage for cars, but for junk (im sorry i thought thats what basements were for)
- when people take pictures of their hands. ugly hands.
- Obama

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