Saturday, March 31, 2012

Im no food connoisseur

Im no food connoisseur, but i am a fan of good food and a great enviroment. So much so that when I come across good food and great enviroment I have an inexplainable urge to share. Mainly because i want the place to succeed so that i can continue to enjoy it and so that other pleople will share the same joy that i do. The same goes with places that I am not a fan of, well aware that I have my own opinions and perceptions. I am just the type of woman (yes i do consider myself a woman) that judges off first impressions, lets be honest most of us do. sorry. I have 2 examples for you today. The Blue Lemon in Salt Lake (located in City Creek Mall) and Soul'n Bones of Ogden (located on washington). Perhaps you have already made your own first impressions simply based off the name and location?

Blue Lemon. Have you ever been to Jasons Deli? or perhaps Paradise Cafe? Then you have been to the Blue Lemon. The name is pretty unique, kind of random? I would like to hear the story behind the name.

The enviroment:
is very innovative. the tables were really close together, too close for comfort. I dont like to hear the tables next to me conversation, nor do i like to sit back to back to stinky lady who has been walking around the mall in the sun all day. im sure they were thinking the same thing.

Call me crazy, but i do like to judge a place by its bathroom. Whether i have to go or not i always make it a point to stop by for a little peeky peeky.

The Bathroom:
a little peeky peeky is exactly what i got. I love when they put a good full sized mirror in the bathroom, its very handy. im self centered that way. what i dont love is when i take a look at myself in the mirror and SURPRISE i get to have a good look at the person in the stall right behind the mirror through the big ass gaps that for some reason someone designed that way. eye contact is not awkward at all right? on the upside the lighting was excellent, i didnt get to see every single blemish on my face! score.

Oh the food, i almost forgot.

The Food:
when i got back from the bathroom our food was on the table. QUICK! I love when i get my food fast (hence my love for fast food) but oh? "this is weird i didnt order sweet potato fries, ill eat them though, and i didnt think my sandwich had sauteed veggies on it.. i dont think this is my order". Needless to say  it wasnt my order, and if it was i still would have been pissed because the bread was major soggy from whatever juices the sammy contained. my order was a sandwich that when i got it, piled half a foot high, so when i "bit" into it, it all just slid out the back and made my hands all sorts of messy. Which yes is the typical sandwich/burger at most restaurants, i just dont get it. The Blue Lemon was not my favorite.

Soul & Bones. Lets move onto the good stuff. It just moved into its brand new location in the heart of Ogden right on Washington blvd. I just dont think i could say enough good things about this place. Its unique its one and only. THEY HAVE DEEP FRIED PICKLES. that was the selling point for Jason.

The enviroment:
Right when we walked in i was impressed. live music. i love live music. To the left is where the live music goes and there is a lounging area you can sit and listen and have drinks and social hour. directly ahead is the bar/bar area, walk past that and you may be seated for dinner. The area was clean, i had space to walk and lean back the building itself is beautiful, rustic brick walls and the perfect color scheme and nice little enclosed area for a party (i do plan on having one there one day, let me know if you want an invite).

The bathroom:
I did get a chance to make it. there was no full length mirror, but i guess ill live. I was impressed with the decorating the colors went right along with the restaurant. the backsplash had beautiful colors and unique patterns. The floor was a little dirty, but what can you do.

The Food:
do you like BBQ? oh you do? this is the perfect place for you. the chef knows exactly how to do. Brisket is hard to make, it was perfect. the ribs were perfectly seasoned, not to fall-a-part-y but not too chewy. I loved the waiters reaction when Jay asked for ranch. He told us the Chef doesn't allow it. I love it, that just goes to show the chef knows his stuff and knows what he is doing. I would have liked to see bigger side portions, but probably only because thats the way America has conditioned me, i would have liked to see a basket of fries, and like a gallon of potato salad. we got a family platter. 4 meats (2 different ribs, brisket, pulled pork) and 4 sides (hand cut sweet potato fries, deliciously seasoned black beans, homemade potato salad, and surprisingly good collard greens).

The Service:
im a huge fan of service, that is what will keep me coming back. the waiter was excellent, very informative on the food, he has tried everything on the menu and told it just like it was. our buser im 87% sure was high. My very favorite part of my entire experience was when the chef came to our table. I told our waiter to give our thanks to the Chef and he brought him out for us! He was a very interesting character, his chef outfit was a black chefs shirt and some awesome flowery chef pants. i was sold. he was mumbly and and cooky and awkward and i think he had a lazy eye but i wanted to take him home. love love love love love Soul & Bones. highly recommended.

on a side note the movie Crash is excellent.

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  1. Blue lemon is mormon central. Ive eaten well there but it's overrated. Haven't tried the other one though, I will! We had nasty barbacoa in slc today because the lines were too long everywhere