Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Beatles

i need to write this post to tribute the Beatles. Have any of you listened to them? i mean REALLY  listened to them. they were story tellers, even when they were just writing about stuff they see on the side of the road (Pennylane) they make you want to look out your window and see just that! they had my heart the moment i heard "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" sure they were on drugs, but they pulled that right out of their soul, it was pure art! They were romantics, 99% of their songs were about love and women, and i mean REAL love. not this Shinanigans about getting some nookie, and licking them like lolipops. They wanted true and honest love. though im sure they they got down and dirty. they wanted to hold your hand, if they had a hard days night all they wanted was to come home to you, they loved you so much they wanted to do it in the road and they wouldn't care who knew it!! They made bold political statements, they wanted everyone to come together yesterday and help as one and just let it be in strawberry fields forever while riding a yellow submarine across the universe to an octopus' garden because she came in through the bathroom window with a little help from her friends the night before sgt peppers lonely hearts club band played. Oh! Darling its getting better every time i listen the them. if only i could live a day in the life of a 60's teenage girl and try to act natural if i ever saw them in concert, i would definately want a ticket to ride... if you know what i mean. I've got a feeling when im sixty-four im still going to dig a pony. oh George Harrison i want you, you give me a norwegian wood though you might say you like me too much, its only love. the end

did i maybe get too carried away?

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