Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Change in the Winds

We finally have eventful things happening in our lives that i decided the best place to keep people up would be writing about it via blogger style. I'm a terrible blogger. i hate the word blog. but beggars cant be choosers. this gives people the option to either keep up with our lives or not. i wont force status post after status post upon your wall, though sometimes I'm sure i will.

So this is happening. I'd like to hear what is going on in all of your minds right now. Did Jay win a million dollars gambling and we are now moving somewhere bigger and better?? Did Jay lose a million dollars gambling and we are now moving somewhere cheaper?? or maybe you just don't care and you aren't quite sure what the big deal is. everyone moves, its nothing new. But not for the Child's. i foresaw my future to be nothing new, life would continue on how it always does. Jay would work his 9-5 and we would start popping out more babies, finish the basement, eventually move out due to over-crowding. For those who don't know, me nor jay has ever attended college, i mean seriously? College? what a sham, degrees have no place in this economy unless you are doing a specific trade. so in other words we skipped steps. we got married and immediately moved into this beautiful brand new 2600 sq ft home. Both of us having full time positions and paid off cars, life was CAKE.

(insert buying a BMW here) and then there was a rift in our perfect lives. I was let go from my job. Not a big deal, didnt like it anyways. ill just file for unemployment and look for another job, well that was harder than i thought, but i eventually got on as a cocktail waitress at The Timbermine (funnest job ever) and then another rift comes along. Surprise pregnancy. a little bit of a bigger deal, we were not ready by any means. those things are expensive, and time consuming. i wouldnt be able to have a full time job even if i wanted it (i didnt) so i start looking at more jobs, something with fixed hours. which brings me to my current job at Mountain Alarm, Fire Protection Services. (insert new Subaru here) Well after our sweet little Myke-n-Ike comes, im working less than 20 hrs a week. congratulations to me, one pay check doesnt even pay for a car payment. during all of this though i wasnt even worried about finances, Jay is so resourceful that he'll do whatever he needs to make an extra buck (prostitution excluded).

Which brings us to the present. Jay's job is wonderful, its all he has ever known, but there is no where for him to go. He started as a bagger, moved up to grocery manager, his raises are maxed out. you can see how things are starting to get a little stressful. So Jay starts thinking "what is something i have always wanted to do", well if we are being honest he has always wanted to just not work and get paid anyways, but that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. Back to the subject "what is something i have always wanted to do" it came easy for him...a Pilot. whaaaaa???

Me: thats awesome! is it attainable?
Jay: sure $75,000 for a pilot license and a 4 year degree later it is!
Me: oh ok, well what do we need to do to get you flying?
Jay: sell the house, cars, give the baby away and live off the land! (jk) what he really said was: sell the house, pay off both cars (hopefully), move in with parents, pump out school, hate life for 5 years and we are golden.

ok so that was a little exaggerated, and the decision wasn't that easy. there is so much we are sacrificing, but isn't that was life is about? Sacrificing the Now for a better Later? its going to suck starting over, but as i mentioned earlier, we skipped steps so it only seems fair. Adventures are about to start, and believe it or not im very VERY excited about it. ill try my hardest to keep this blog updated. or maybe ill just see you in 5 years, ill wave to you in between my monthly trips to Hawaii.


  1. "So it only seems fair" haha that's interesting to hear you say that. Your twenties and early thirties are a good time for this stage!! And you are certainly not alone. You are such a lovely writer, I wanted to frame your card you gave us at the wedding.

  2. That is so exciting! And it's kind of fun in a weird/sickening way to be poor and married. Love your blog lady!