Monday, January 9, 2012

i cant come up with a good title

eeek! Ragnar is only 6 short months away, how do i even prepare for that? who's idea was this to sign up? i blame it on my good friend Jacquie Vanbeekum, who talked me into my very first Half Marathon. its crazy how running touches ones soul, you can think of anything in the world that you want. This is where i have come up with most of my best ideas (too bad i cant remember any on my return home).

The best compliment i have ever received was when someone said they could tell i was an active person just by looking at me. the first 19 years of my life have been wasted by my unwillingness to enjoy activity and the movement of muscles, but once you start you just cant stop! i imagine it would be that way for eating healthy as well but french fries and dr. pepper just make me so happy.. sooo happy. and while it hurts while you are doing it (hurts so good) its so satisfying the next day when you roll out of bed and you can barely walk because you are so sore.  well i just needed to share my testimony of the fitness gospel so everyone can know how important it is. perhaps ill keep a fitness blog/journal but i probably wont because i cant keep up with it.

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